UK's Boris Johnson welcomes Australian tech entrepreneurs

Jul 26, 2017

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has assured concerned Australian tech entrepreneurs that they will be welcome to continue working in his country after it leaves the European Union

Manchester City's busy summer includes brand growth in US

Jul 26, 2017

Manchester City is having an awfully busy summer in its quest for global domination, and much of that work is being done stateside

The Latest: Mexico jobseekers tricked into cartel boot camps

Jul 21, 2017

The top prosecutor in the western Mexican state of Jalisco says authorities have discovered two drug cartel training camps where they believe about 40 people were being trained after being tricked by online job advertisements

Michael Vick: Kaepernick needs a haircut for job search

Jul 18, 2017

Michael Vick has some advice for Colin Kaepernick if he wants another shot in the NFL; get a haircut

Hiring surged last month in a sign of US economic vitality

Jul 8, 2017

Hiring surged in June in a surprising show of U.S. economic vitality eight years into the recovery from the Great Recession

Expectations low, NYC commuters brace for a 'summer of hell'

Jul 7, 2017

Workers in New York City have made their final morning commute before what the governor has predicted will be a 'summer of hell'

A year after slayings, Dallas police train in 'mindfulness'

Jul 7, 2017

Only hours after the ambush that killed five Dallas law enforcement officers, mental health experts began thinking ahead, searching for ways to ease the long-term effects of the attack on the men and women who patrol the nation's ninth-largest city

Where's my raise? 5 reasons pay isn't rising much for many

Jul 6, 2017

Pay growth still lags behind pre-recession norms for many US workers

Long-delayed tunnel project leaves NY rail riders in lurch

Jun 4, 2017

This promises to be a "summer of hell" for New York City commuters

Must-do for Congress: Raise debt limit, pass spending bills

Jun 4, 2017

Congress faces a burst of overdue budget-related work this summer, including raising the government's borrowing cap