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Where's Mick? Trump acting chief of staff has low-key style

Mar 16, 2019

Where was Mick Mulvaney as the Senate headed toward a showdown vote over President Donald Trump's border wall move? Trump's acting chief of staff was in Las Vegas for an annual getaway with friends and family, a sign of his low-key approach to his job

New US military budget focused on China despite border talk

Mar 16, 2019

To a remarkable degree, the Pentagon's new budget proposal is shaped by national security threats that acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has summarized in three words: "China, China, China."

Federal appeals court OKs tax-free housing for clergy

Mar 16, 2019

A federal appeals court has ruled that a law giving clergy tax-free housing allowances is constitutional, overturning a ruling in Wisconsin that said it was an unconstitutional benefit

Missouri lawmaker: Bill requiring AR-15s not meant to pass

Mar 15, 2019

Missouri lawmaker says he doesn't want to require gun ownership despite bills

Vegas-bound Raiders spending big for final season in Oakland

Mar 15, 2019

The Oakland Raiders rebuilding plan sped up with the availability of star receiver Antonio Brown

Institute founded by Sanders' wife, son is shutting down

Mar 15, 2019

Think tank founded by Bernie Sanders' wife and son suspends operations to avoid 'an appearance of impropriety'

Mnuchin says he'll protect Trump privacy if taxes requested

Mar 14, 2019

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is suggesting he will protect President Donald Trump's privacy if he receives a request from House Democrats for Trump's tax returns.

New Mexico bill would create first state-run pot shops in US

Mar 13, 2019

New Mexico would become the first U.S. state with its own government-operated marijuana stores under a bill brokered between Democratic and Republican legislators.

Israeli bank to pay $195M for US tax-avoidance scheme

Mar 13, 2019

One of Israel's largest banks has agreed to pay $195 million for helping U.S. citizens avoid paying taxes by stashing their assets in offshore accounts

Trump's cuts to Medicare hospital payments trigger an outcry

Mar 12, 2019

Candidate Trump promised not to cut Medicare but his payment cuts to hospitals prompt an outcry