CDMG Explains Need for Insulation, Tips To Insulate Metal Building KitsCDMG Explains Need for Insulation, Tips To Insulate Metal Building Kits
Sep 16, 2021

CDMG Explains Need for Insulation, Tips To Insulate Metal Building Kits

September 17, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Pennsylvania-based CDMG has released an article sharing the importance of insulating metal buildings to reduce energy consumption and create a good working environment. The right type of insulation can significantly reduce energy consumption, control heat flow, and prevent condensation and the growth of mold, mildew, rust, and corrosion. To read the article in its entirety, click on the following link, "Insulation is crucial to control the heat transfer rate throughout the building, dampen noise, and reduce energy usage," states Thomas Corry, metal building manager. The metal building supplier explains that insulation has many benefits. Still, its need depends on the environment, adding that it becomes necessary for a steel building located in a region with high humidity. Proper insulation can also keep metal buildings warm in the winter and reduce heating costs. CDMG lists energy saving as the most significant benefit of insulation, saying that it helps trap thermal energy and prevent noise pollution. According to the steel building kit designer, insulation significantly improves return on investment for a metal building by delaying wear and tear and protecting the health of occupants. The steel building kit company in Pennsylvania explains how insulation is installed in a metal building. CDMG adds the advantage of the proper insulation placement to prevent heat transfer and moisture. Different types of insulation have varying costs and benefits. CDMG outlines the need for choosing the right type of material to insulate a steel building, depending on its size, shape, location, and intended use. The PA metal building company lists different types of insulation as reflective foil insulation, fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation, and insulated metal panels. The article explains the features of vapor retarder, U-value, and R-value. Anybody planning to build with steel can get in touch with the leaders in the metal building industry. As one of the top metal building kit suppliers, CDMG has the expertise to deliver a high-quality project on time without delays. The expert metal building supplier in PA has a team of multi-disciplined engineers and project management professionals that can exceed the client's expectations to build quality pre-engineered metal buildings and insulation. They can help clients determine the best type of pre-engineered metal building insulation. Those looking to start their metal building project or to use a metal building kit for the business can get a personalized quote from CDMG via its website. ###For more information about CDMG Metal Buildings, contact the company here:CDMG Metal BuildingsThomas M. Corry(724) 873-4700info@cdmg.comSouthpointe Industrial Park150 Technology DriveCanonsburg, PA 15317ReleaseID: 60046251

Clean Group Sydney Provides COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Services In SydneyClean Group Sydney Provides COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Services In Sydney
Sep 16, 2021

Clean Group Sydney Provides COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Services In Sydney

September 17, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - NSW based Clean Group Sydney [ Phone: 1300141946 ] is pleased to place its COVID cleaning expertise at the disposal of local businesses. The company prides itself in being a leading COVID decontamination and cleaning services provider that helps commercial property owners in Sydney sanitize their properties and equipment at affordable rates. Clean Group Sydney specializes in professional cleaning and disinfection of commercial, industrial and office buildings located in Villawood, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and the surrounding areas. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. In addition to having a team of highly skilled cleaners, Clean Group Sydney also uses the latest technology to decontaminate the deadly COVID-19 virus. Clean Group Sydney is also pleased to share that they possess the necessary licenses and certifications to provide COVID-19 disinfection and cleaning services. They are even registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme as legitimate providers of COVID-19 deep cleaning services. Customers who want to learn more about Clean Group Sydney’s COVID-19 cleaning services may follow this link: Clean Group COVID Cleaning Sydney. Given the spread of COVID-19, particularly the Delta variant that is now ravaging the globe, Clean Group Sydney is pleased to announce that their COVID-19 cleaning services are now available 24/7. The company reminds the public that COVID-19 deep cleaning must be done immediately, especially for businesses with positive COVID-19 cases. Fortunately, commercial property owners can count on Clean Group Sydney to thoroughly clean their establishments. The company follows a two-step deep cleaning process to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses. The first step is basic cleaning which involves sweeping and mopping as well as cleaning the floor, doors, windows, carpets and other areas that gather dirt and dust. The second step is the decontamination process, which involves disinfecting all items, such as telephones, chairs, doorknobs, light switches and more. The company uses a Therapeutic Goods Administration approved disinfectant that is safe and environmentally friendly. Clean Group Sydney also uses the Electrostatic Virus Shield disinfection technique, a process that is specially designed to effectively disinfect hard-to-reach areas. Aside from commercial cleaning, Clean Group Sydney also offers commercial COVID-19 cleaning services in Sydney for other types of properties, including warehouses, medical centres, strata buildings, vehicles, gyms, churches, childcare centers, schools and more. These services are all available at affordable rates. Those who will avail of Clean Group Sydney’s COVID-19 deep cleaning services will also be presented with the necessary certifications to prove that their premises are now COVID-19 free. These certificates are needed by businesses in order to resume their operations. By choosing Clean Group Sydney, commercial property owners can rest assured that their buildings are clean, disinfected and free of COVID-19. Property owners who want to stay up to date with COVID-19 related news and announcements in Sydney may follow this link: COVID Cleaning News in Sydney. Thanks to their commitment to providing quality workmanship and excellent customer service, Clean Group Sydney enjoys a stellar reputation among their customers. In a 5-Star Google review, Amaya says, “What a great experience with Clean Group! This was our first time trying their cleaning service, and I was amazed at how each cleaner does their work. All were fast, efficient, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend everyone to try their service. I will be requesting Clean Group for all of our company's future cleans. Great job!” Christopher says in another 5-Star Google review, “Our business relies heavily on cleanliness. In the medical field, cleanliness plays a vital role in determining the credibility and the performance of health workers. I have engaged with Clean Group for 2 years now, and I never see myself not having them as my cleaner. They have done more than what was expected of them. Their cleaners are exceptionally polite, honest and very detailed with how they do their job.” Clean Group Sydney follows the guidelines released by the World Health Organization (WHO) to assure the safety of its workers. The company also requires their professional cleaners to wear masks, gloves, shields and other protective gear to make sure that they are not at risk of COVID-19. They also follow strict occupational health and safety standards to protect their workers from getting infected. Commercial property owners who need quality and affordable COVID-19 deep cleaning services in Sydney may check out Clean Group Sydney’s website for more details. Similarly, they may contact Stephen Matthews of Clean Group Sydney to follow up on any further inquiries. ###For more information about Clean Group Sydney, contact the company here:Clean Group SydneyStephen Matthews+61288598938sales@cleangroup.email50 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000ReleaseID: 60046035

Rolletna: Two Decades in the Business of Blinds and CurtainsRolletna: Two Decades in the Business of Blinds and Curtains
Sep 16, 2021

Rolletna: Two Decades in the Business of Blinds and Curtains

September 17, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Artarmon, NSW - Celebrating their 20 years in the business of Blinds and Curtains, Rolletna is committed to giving their best designs for their customers. The management closely looks at customers' needs and ensures they are met by recommending the right window furnishing. The company's products, including blinds or shutters for windows, can be tailored to control light levels in rooms while keeping noise outside, regulating temperature on sunny days so customers won't have uncomfortable heat waves indoors and blocking wind energy from ruining fragile items inside like artwork with hurricane impact. In their 20 years, they have found that customers' number one priority in window fashions is to manage light efficiently and beautifully while increasing the value of their home. Blinds have moved on from being just a functional product to being used as an interior design element. Customers are opting for blinds that offer privacy and the flexibility of controlling light and glare in rooms, which is why they consider it an investment rather than just an expense. The window furnishings industry may be one of the most exciting markets in the next five years, affecting interior design and architecture, lifestyle and home improvement. As people become more conscious of their health and well-being because of the recent pandemic, the company stresses the importance of providing enough light in rooms through natural sunlight while not overwhelming them with artificial lights during the daytime. It also helps that they are proven to be environmentally friendly by preventing heat buildup inside homes, leading to air conditioning unit problems or, worse, electric bills on the roof. Rolletna offers both Indoor and Outdoor Blinds. With Indoor Blinds, they have Custom Made Curtains, Plantation Shutters, Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds. Under Outdoor blinds, they have External Venetian blinds, outdoor Awnings, Outdoor Shutters, Zipscreen Blinds, Cafe Blinds and Aluminium Louvre Systems. They also offer Motorised Blinds and Curtains. Customers can find their place of business at Level 1/48 Hotham Parade, Artarmon, NSW. ###For more information about Rolletna, contact the company here:RolletnaJamie Thomson1300 448 602 Hotham Parade, Artarmon NSW ReleaseID: 60046248

Mobile Mechanic Pros Reno Now Offering Free Quick Quotes on Its Auto Repair ServicesMobile Mechanic Pros Reno Now Offering Free Quick Quotes on Its Auto Repair Services
Sep 16, 2021

Mobile Mechanic Pros Reno Now Offering Free Quick Quotes on Its Auto Repair Services

September 17, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Mobile Mechanic Pros Reno has established a reputation of being a mobile car repair service that quickly takes care of its customers’ needs when called upon for help. Now they have taken that already good mobile auto repair service to an even higher level. The company is doing that by generating free quick quotes for its auto repair services. By providing customers with fast and free quotes, they rapidly get the important information that they need to make sound car repair choices. A representative for Mobile Mechanic Pros, Daniel Franlin, says, “We are a mobile car repair service in the Reno, Nevada area that fully realizes how frustrating it is when one of our customers is experiencing a problem with their vehicle. This includes concerns with the costs that are associated with any repairs that need to be done to get their car safely back on the road. That’s why we are always prepared to give a customer an on-site quote for any auto repair work that needs to be done after we have diagnosed their problem. We also pride ourselves on making these quick free quotes as accurate as possible to help avoid having any extra costs when the work is completed.” Franlin went on to say that these free quick quotes are available on all of their services. That includes everything from simple battery replacements to more complicated auto repairs. He added that they can rapidly provide auto repair quotes because of the vast amount of car repair experience that he and his associates have. They can quickly identify problems under the hood, in the drive train area, and even determine if there are car electrical issues. Their service trucks even have portable jacks that can be used to get a better look underneath a vehicle. The company representative said that many of their customers are very surprised at the large amount of diagnostic and repair equipment that they keep right inside their spacious service trucks. These service vehicles are also kept stocked with the most commonly used car repair parts. He added that this is their secret as to how they can get their Reno auto repair customers back on their way so quickly a majority of the time. The fact that they are also straightforward and thorough with their auto repair quotes has gained Mobile Mechanic Pros Reno much respect from its customer base. The company representative stated that it's very easy for them to give quotes on some of the basic car maintenance services that they are happy to provide. This includes the convenience that having onsite car oil changes provides. It also keeps the customer from getting all grungy themselves and it’s a service that can be performed while that customer is at work getting important job-related tasks taken care of or at home completing other projects while their car is getting a badly needed oil change. Other car maintenance services that they are happy to provide fast free quotes for are tune-ups and alternator replacements. Franlin admitted that it does get a little more complicated when it comes to quoting some other types of repairs but they do a great job of that too. This includes many of the different types of brake repairs that they are more than capable of doing. They are also very good when it comes to diagnosing, quoting, and undertaking suspension repairs. Franlin also talked about quoting some of their other very popular services. This includes the used car inspections that they are often asked to perform. It’s a great way for someone who is purchasing a used car to have peace of mind about that purchase. For those that don’t have time to visit an auto shop to get their vehicle inspections done, he added this is a service that they also provide. Those that would like more information about how these car mechanics in Reno, NV quote the prices for their repair services can get in touch with them by phone, email, or use the contact form located on the company's website. ###For more information about Mobile Mechanic Pros Reno, contact the company here:Mobile Mechanic Pros RenoDaniel Franlin775-235-4080mobilemechanicprosusa@gmail.com580 Sunshine Ln, Reno, NV 89502ReleaseID: 60046126

Forkserve: Celebrates Four Decades in the BusinessForkserve: Celebrates Four Decades in the Business
Sep 16, 2021

Forkserve: Celebrates Four Decades in the Business

September 17, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Arndell Park NSW - Forkserve is celebrating four decades of being an established business in the industry of Forklifts. They have cemented their name as a powerhouse in the Forklift business. They started in 1981 as a small business, and now they have a wide range of services to offer to their customers. The company has a large selection of used and new forklifts. When it comes to the latest and greatest in forklift technology, they don't play around, whether a customer is looking for a Toyota or Crown Model-line model from Japan's top three automakers such as Toyota Motor Corporation Ltd., Honda Power Products Incorporated, and Mitsubishi Diesel Industrial Systems. The company has established itself as one of the leading Forklifts suppliers. They are known for their friendly service and professional approach, and their customers love to work with them. They also provide forklift rental services when needed. Forkserve has a different forklift range. They supply All Terrain Forklifts, BT Forklifts, Crown Forklifts, Diesel Forklifts, Electric Forklifts, Enforcer Forklifts, High Reach Forklifts, Gas Forklifts, etc. In the 1950s, all-terrain forklifts could only lift to 1 135kg and had a height of 9 meters. By 1958 four-wheel steering systems were implemented, which changed how these machines operated. Now they can move around tight corners with increased accuracy levels. With their broad range of products, they can offer more than just parts for forklifts. They also sell battery, forklift attachments and tire accessories to keep the forklift running smoothly. They supply and fit all types of forklift attachments in Sydney for any make or model. Some examples include jibs, rotators, safety cages, white goods clamps, double pallet handlers extra-long tynes. They also have a range of new and used forklifts in their inventory which can be seen on their website. Customers can find their place of business at 12 Kenoma Place, Arndell Park NSW. ###For more information about Forkserve, contact the company here:ForkserveSharon Jack02 9672 Kenoma Place, Arndell Park NSW ReleaseID: 60046246

The Cost of SEO: Research Reveals Monthly SEO BudgetsThe Cost of SEO: Research Reveals Monthly SEO Budgets
Sep 16, 2021

The Cost of SEO: Research Reveals Monthly SEO Budgets

September 17, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - A survey of 1,241 of the SEO professionals by SEO industry heavyweight Search Engine Journal reveals the most common SEO budgets. The industry survey report titled The State of SEO 2021: Insights, Opportunities & Threats, shares insights from SEO experts who work directly with clients through an agency (875) or as a freelancer (366). In the State of SEO survey, the most commonly reported monthly SEO client average budget range is between $1,000-$5,000 (USD), according to 27% of respondents. Close behind was a budget of $500-1,000, for 23% of respondents. Twice as many agencies (33%) to freelancers (14%) fell into the $1,000-5,000 bracket. According to this data, the comparison between freelancers and agencies shows that freelancers tend to charge less than agencies. Freelancer respondents are more likely to charge a budget under $500 than an agency. Of those charging $500 per month or less, 28% are freelancers. It’s worth noting that 14% of respondents were from India, where substantially lower costs of living and average earnings could explain the lower budgets. SEO Consultant Blake Smith was surprised by these figures. “It was interesting to learn of the considerable amount of agencies servicing smaller businesses for under $500 per month. These types of campaigns are usually highly productised with a defined set of deliverables. I fall somewhere in the middle of this pricing graph, though I typically do complex Shopify SEO or work with larger B2B companies.” The State of SEO survey also revealed insights into where SEO practitioners spend their time: 11.7% of SEO professionals report that the amount of time spent on audience research is “None”; 8.67% of SEO pros spend no time at all on mobile SEO, while 7% spend all of their time here; Only 7% of respondents spend all of their time on technical SEO; 19.2% of SEO pros spend only a little of their total SEO time on on-page optimization; 7.3% of SEO pros reportedly spend “all” of their productive time on keyword research; Just 5.7% of SEO pros spend no time at all on technical SEO, making it an essential skill for most. With Technical SEO receiving generally a lot lower time dedicated to it, it presents an opportunity for experienced SEO’s to differentiate themselves. Eric Enge explains, “On sites where the technical SEO is already sound and budgets are being invested in adding content/making content improvements across the site we see a very strong correlation between increased budgets and increasing traffic.” He added, “Done the right way this is like printing money. In other types of investments, the results are not as predictable but generally still have a positive effect.” To learn more about the research check out the full report on Search Engine Journal. To learn more about SEO pricing in Australia visit Blake's website to receive an obligation-free quote. ###For more information about Blake Smith SEO Consultant, contact the company here:Blake Smith SEO ConsultantBlake Smith+61 02 84136405press@blakesmithy.comSydney, AustraliaReleaseID: 60046154

Sydney Dentist Warns of Study Showing Poor Oral Hygiene During PandemicSydney Dentist Warns of Study Showing Poor Oral Hygiene During Pandemic
Sep 16, 2021

Sydney Dentist Warns of Study Showing Poor Oral Hygiene During Pandemic

September 17, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Sydney, Australia: NSW is currently in the grips of a lengthy lockdown that requires people to wear a mask when in public spaces, in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. Sydney dentist Dr Alfred Tsang from Wahroonga Dental says mask wearing is important, but can create problems for people who don’t take care of their teeth and gums. During the last few months, he’s seen more patients with tooth decay because they’ve only been brushing their teeth once a day, or not at all. “We’re particularly concerned about people who neglect their oral hygiene during lockdowns – because prolonged mask wearing creates the perfect environment for decay-forming bacteria to thrive in your mouth,” Dr Alfred Tsang said. This is because harmful bugs love the dry conditions that occur when our mouths produce less saliva, due to a tendency to take shallow breaths and drink less water while wearing a mask. The terms for this is "mask mouth" (dryness, bad breath and bleeding gums). Dentists recommend strategies to protect oral health, but unfortunately brushing frequency is declining during these stressful times when people are hiding their teeth behind their masks. Dr Tsang's observations about worsening oral habits are backed up by a study that was recently published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry. What the research shows: Researchers analysed survey responses from 1346 participants, to see what impact face masks have on oral hygiene habits. The results revealed that participants care less about their oral hygiene during the pandemic. For example, the number of people brushing their teeth only once a day increased by 126 per cent during the mask-wearing period. There was also a 71 per cent increase in the number of people experiencing halitosis, and a jump in the number of people with bruxism (teeth grinding – often associated with stress). Nearly all participants (98 per cent) said they cared about oral hygiene before the pandemic, but this figure fell by 117 per cent during the pandemic. This is worrying, considering that masks create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive, if people don’t look after their teeth. Dr Tsang recommends the following to prevent “mask mouth” by looking after your oral hygiene. "I recommend you drink lots of water throughout the day to keep your mouth moist, wash away food particles and neutralise lingering acid. Brush your teeth at least twice a day (morning and night) with a fluoridated toothpaste, for around two minutes each time. Don’t forget to brush your gums with gentle pressure. Floss your teeth every day, or every second day. Buy a tongue scraper and gently scrape your tongue every morning to get rid of lingering bacteria. Alternatively, brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. Consume fewer sugary foods and drinks, because bad bacteria loves sugar as much as your taste buds do. There’s nothing wrong with having a sweet treat every now and then, but don’t go overboard. Eat more nourishing foods to strengthen your teeth against decay. Chew sugar-free gum (even while wearing a mask) to stimulate your glands to produce more saliva. And make sure you visit your dentist at least once a year for a check-up and thorough cleaning session." As an essential service, Wahroonga Dental is open during NSW lockdown. They are still seeing patients for urgent problems that include dental pain, discomfort when eating and other issues. Their experienced team follows all health guidelines and takes every precaution to protect the health of patients and staff. ###For more information about Wahroonga Family Dental Centre, contact the company here:Wahroonga Family Dental CentreAlfred Tsang(02) 9489 3, 9a Railway Avenue, Wahroonga, NSW, 2076ReleaseID: 60046191

One Park Financial, a Fund Street Technologies Brand, Wins Bronze Stevie® Award 3 Years in a RowOne Park Financial, a Fund Street Technologies Brand, Wins Bronze Stevie® Award 3 Years in a Row
Sep 16, 2021

One Park Financial, a Fund Street Technologies Brand, Wins Bronze Stevie® Award 3 Years in a Row

One Park Financial celebrates Bronze Stevie® Award for "Company of the Year" in the Financial Services category.COCONUT GROVE, Fla. - Sept. 17, 2021 - PRLog -- Thanks to their outstanding customer service, fun workplace environment, and strong company culture, One Park Financial was distinguished as a "Company of the Year" in the Financial Services category by the American Business Awards for a third time this 2021.The Stevie® Award is one of the world's leading business acknowledgments created to honor and display the accomplishments and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide. This year 3,800 participating companies were judged by more than 250 professionals worldwide."An awesome alternate source of working capital for entrepreneurs. One Park Financial is offering a service that truly is a game-changer for those in need of funds to further their business," is just some of the outstanding feedback that this leader of financing for small businesses nationwide has received from judges this 2021."We are fully committed to providing small business owners with knowledge about financial management and organization. That's why we offer personalized customer service and educational resources in both English and Spanish nationwide. Our goal is to empower small business owners to make well-rounded decisions and grow," said John Lie-Nielsen, Fund Street Technologies' CEO Chief Executive Officer.One Park Financial also strives to provide Grovies (name used for their employees) with a great place to work. Every quarter a winner for the "Dream Weaver Program" is announced. In this internal culture program Grovies submit a "dream" and One Park Financial provides all the resources needed to make it a reality. They also run plenty of internal company awards like the annual "Founders Award".About Fund Street Technologies LLC:Fund Street Technologies LLC "FST" is a technology-driven small business financing company. With over a decade of experience in technology and financing, FST developed in-house systems and joined forces with the best in-class technology partners to develop their three core platforms: Eagle-FST, Skynet-FST, and Apex-FST. Fund Street Technologies is committed to making financing equally accessible to all small business owners nationwide. For more information, visit One Park Financial LLC:One Park Financial LLC, Fund Street Technologies' subsidiary established in 2010, is a leading provider of financing for small businesses nationwide. Founded by entrepreneurs, One Park Financials' mission is to make working capital easily and equally accessible to all small business owners nationwide. We facilitate the process of acquiring business funding by providing a superior user experience online and a "concierge" approach to customer service.One Park Financial is headquartered in Miami, Florida with a presence in Houston and Dallas, Texas. For more information, you can visit Park Financial***@oneparkfinancial.comPhotos: (Click photo to enlarge) Read Full Story - One Park Financial, a Fund Street Technologies Brand, Wins Bronze Stevie® Award 3 Years in a Row | More news from this sourcePress release distribution by PRLog

InvestorNewsBreaks – Petroteq Energy Inc. (TSX.V: PQE) (OTC: PQEFF) (FSE: PQCF) Releases Corporate UpdateInvestorNewsBreaks – Petroteq Energy Inc. (TSX.V: PQE) (OTC: PQEFF) (FSE: PQCF) Releases Corporate Update
Sep 16, 2021

InvestorNewsBreaks – Petroteq Energy Inc. (TSX.V: PQE) (OTC: PQEFF) (FSE: PQCF) Releases Corporate Update

Petroteq Energy (TSX.V: PQE) (OTC: PQEFF) (FSE: PQCF), an oil ‎company focused on the development and implementation of its proprietary oil-‎extraction and remediation technologies, has provided a corporate update. The company noted that, as previously announced, the Ontario Securities Commission had revoked the Canadian cease trade order; however, the company is still subject to a […]

InvestorNewsBreaks – DarioHealth Corp. (NASDAQ: DRIO) Exec Featured Speaker at American Health Insurance Plans National ConferenceInvestorNewsBreaks – DarioHealth Corp. (NASDAQ: DRIO) Exec Featured Speaker at American Health Insurance Plans National Conference
Sep 16, 2021

InvestorNewsBreaks – DarioHealth Corp. (NASDAQ: DRIO) Exec Featured Speaker at American Health Insurance Plans National Conference

DarioHealth (NASDAQ: DRIO), a pioneer in the global digital therapeutics market, has announced that chief medical officer Dr. Omar Manejwala will participate in the upcoming annual American Health Insurance Plans National Conference on Medicare, Medicaid and Dual Eligibles. The conference is slated for Sept. 21–24, with Manejwala’s presentation scheduled for Sept. 22 at 12:45 p.m. EST. Titled […]

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