Zadar Labs, Developing Next Generation Imaging Radar, Closes $5.6M in Seed FundingZadar Labs, Developing Next Generation Imaging Radar, Closes $5.6M in Seed Funding
Jan 25, 2021

Zadar Labs, Developing Next Generation Imaging Radar, Closes $5.6M in Seed Funding

SAN JOSE, Calif. - January 26, 2021 - ( Zadar Labs Inc., a new venture developing high-resolution, low-cost imaging radars for autonomous systems, announced today that the company has raised $5.6M in seed funding led by Tim Kentley Klay, founder of autonomous vehicle companies Zoox (acquired by Amazon) and HYPR. Other investors include Leslie Ventures, Jeff Rothschild, Plug and Play, and Mentors Fund. While autonomous systems rely on a range of sensors, imaging radar stands apart because of its ability to outperform on a multitude of tasks in a broad range of conditions. Zadar's solid-state imaging radar is weather invariant, power-efficient, has range returns out to hundreds of meters, performs doppler measurements, and can be packaged behind facias (eliminating the need for optical cleaning). With Zadar's breakthrough signal processing algorithms, proprietary AI image processing techniques, and in-house antenna design, their platforms can perform in the horizontal and vertical domains with sub-degree resolution. Though the company is only releasing samples for evaluation, Zadar has already made impressive progress in reducing the cost of advanced radar. Production units are expected in the low hundreds of dollars with continued reductions as volumes increase. This price efficiency is essential to scaling robotic technologies such as autonomous driving into the mainstream. Zadar has already released their mid-range sensor, zSIGNAL, reaching 250 meter range. The sensor is currently under evaluation by several customers in the autonomous vehicle space. Zadar is looking to further support customers in 2021 through the launch of their long-range sensor, zPRIME. The new platform will be capable of 400 meter range with resolution comparable to LiDAR. Zadar was founded in 2019 by a pair of autonomous vehicle veterans, Mahmoud Saadat and Mo Emadi, after the two met while working at Lyft Level 5, the ride-share company's autonomous division. CEO Saadat is a Zoox alum as well as Stanford Engineering PhD. CTO Emadi is a leader in the radar industry and led many top projects at Qualcomm before joining Lyft. "This investment allows us to further build our team and quickly deliver our solution," says Saadat. "We feel fortunate to work with a phenomenal group of investors who believe in our mission to make autonomous systems perceive the world with vastly superior performance." "Vision with imaging radar is the winning combination for scalable, robust and low-cost autonomous sensing," says Tim Kentley Klay. "I am excited to back the impressive team at Zadar - already moving fast, their products are what the market has been asking for. Zadar has a bright future indeed." About Zadar Labs Zadar Labs is developing next generation imaging radar platforms. Our vision is to empower perception systems with compact, high performance, and low-cost imaging radar. We don't just build black boxes, we collaborate with our partners to build the optimal solution for their application. We see a future where every system that perceives the world, does so better with a Zadar radar. More info: Related Links Zadar Labs Inc. Press Release Service by Original Source: Zadar Labs, Developing Next Generation Imaging Radar, Closes $5.6M in Seed Funding

InstantGMP™ Adds Learning Management System to InstantGMP™ PROInstantGMP™ Adds Learning Management System to InstantGMP™ PRO
Jan 25, 2021

InstantGMP™ Adds Learning Management System to InstantGMP™ PRO

InstantGMP™ PRO All-in-One Manufacturing and Quality Software now comes with a Learning Management System. CARY, N.C. - January 26, 2021 - ( ​InstantGMP™ has partnered with leading cloud-based training platform,, to develop a fully integrated Learning Management System (LMS). This new solution allows supervisors to automate training assignments in a pre-defined order while employees are able to complete training on demand. In real-time, the LMS updates training logs and certifications to track progress and to help manufacturers stay FDA compliant. The Learning Management System from InstantGMP™ provides convenient, intuitive, customizable online training designed to meet FDA and GMP guidelines. InstantGMP™ PRO's new Learning Management System makes it simple and convenient for manufacturing companies to onboard new employees while eliminating the difficulties that come with traditional training methods. Supervisors are simply able to identify curricula, documents, videos, and batch records that are needed for training. Then, the autonomous processes allow for the employee to take the training into their own hands in the system. The Learning Management System now comes fully integrated with InstantGMP™ PRO, the cloud-based all-in-one manufacturing and quality control software. This innovative, paperless, FDA compliant batch management software is made affordable specifically for small-to-midsize manufacturers across biotech, dietary supplements, CBD, hemp and pharmaceutical industries. If you're interested in learning more you can schedule a live demo where our team of experts will demonstrate how your processes can be modeled in our software, as well as talk about the numerous benefits of InstantGMP™. About InstantGMP™, Inc. Founded by pharmaceutical industry veteran Dr. Richard Soltero, InstantGMP, Inc., offers affordable all-in-one manufacturing and quality software. The company develops cloud-based electronic batch record software and standard operating procedures specific to industries that are required to follow FDA manufacturing regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices ("GMP"). As a manufacturing software company, InstantGMP™ pioneered accessible, easy-to-use electronic batch record software for products manufactured using GMPs. The Company's updated software simplifies the documentation and approval procedures for quality processes that keep all quality documentation organized in electronic format while providing for quality checks and workflow processes to make compliance with FDA requirements easy. About Enternar.Se is a cloud-based training platform that endeavors to be the leading Learning Management System (LMS) in Corporate, Continuing Medical Education, and Adult Education and training. With over a decade of experience delivering training to hundreds of thousands of people in companies from all industries, allows companies to deploy effective and impressive training presentations without breaking the bank. Press Release Service by Original Source: InstantGMP™ Adds Learning Management System to InstantGMP™ PRO

Despite Covid-19 Artists for Trauma Had a Successful 2020Despite Covid-19 Artists for Trauma Had a Successful 2020
Jan 25, 2021

Despite Covid-19 Artists for Trauma Had a Successful 2020

3 Big Community Outreach Events Used Art Therapy to Help Those in Need LOS ANGELES - January 26, 2021 - ( Artists for Trauma (AFT), an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of civilian and military trauma survivors, found a safe, Covid compliant way to host 3 events at the end of 2020 to help those in need. In October, world renowned artists Risk and photographer Per Bernal were featured in a "A Medical Science Meets Healing Through Art" live painting experience. Risk used cutting edge art to transform a car simulator into a motivating rehab tool benefitting patients. The AFT project collaborated with California Rehabilitation Institute, Moby Arts, Karen Michelle Lifestyle Brand and Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc. AFT virtual "Exploration and Discovery through Watercolor Workshop", led by Zinnia Moreno was part of an inclusive, adaptive program with the 2020 Virtual Live Rollettes Experience. AFT volunteers assembled and shipped 50 watercolor kits that were sent to differently abled young girls between the ages of 8-14 across the United States. "Sew to Slow COVID19" on behalf of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art was a face mask donation campaign that took place in August and September. This campaign distributed over 7,000 masks to such organizations as The Midnight Mission, St. John's Well Child and Family Center Health Care Clinic (SLA) and several others around Los Angeles. An extraordinary outdoor event at the Luxe Hotel Sunset in partnership with Karen Michelle Lifestyle Brand is slated for April 18th in Los Angeles. Additionally, they will be hosting and sponsoring Art Projects and Virtual Programs for Youth and Adult Trauma Survivors with a Holiday Fundraising Event to close out 2021. These events will be within COVID19 guidelines. For more information on Artists for Trauma please visit For interviews with Artists for Trauma founder Laura Sharpe, contact Kelli Schloemer 818-975-0391 or by email Press Release Service by Original Source: Despite Covid-19 Artists for Trauma Had a Successful 2020

Liberty One Investment Management Releases Thought-Provoking White PaperLiberty One Investment Management Releases Thought-Provoking White Paper
Jan 25, 2021

Liberty One Investment Management Releases Thought-Provoking White Paper

"Defining and Investing in Recession Resistant Industries" CHICAGO - January 26, 2021 - ( Liberty One Investment Management released a thought-provoking white paper for distribution last week: "Defining and Investing in Recession Resistant Industries," by Nick Ng, CFA, Liberty One's Lead Portfolio Manager. "Recessions and market cycles are an inevitable part of the investment journey," says Nick as he unpacks key elements of his research. "When it comes to recessions, not all industries are created equal. The impact a recession has on a company or an industry is as much technical as it is behavioral. Demand elasticity for a company's goods or services is just one variable to consider. Our research indicates there is a lot more to it than that." The white paper goes on to discuss the benefits of investing in recession resistant companies and industries. By definition, recession resistant companies produce the goods and services consumers demand, regardless of the state of the economy. These industries typically have long track records of profitability. These profits turn into real cash flows and investors become the benefactor of these cash flows. Strong profitability over a long period of time naturally lends itself well to generating strong and consistently increasing dividend payments to investors. Further, strong excess cashflows create the potential for more stock buy-back opportunities during recessionary times - another benefit to investors. The white paper discusses dividends and describes them as being a vital component to total stock market returns, including returns in recession resistant industries. Companies within recession-resistant industries typically pay an above average dividend that are supported by a stable earnings profile, strong cash flow generation, lower alternative investment opportunities, and high visibility of future earnings. The sustainability of such dividends can have dramatic impacts on long-term performances as the market has shown in the past to punish dividend cutters and eliminators while rewarding companies that grow their dividends over time. Nick goes on to say, "Recession resistant industries are often thought of as defensive. In the traditional sense, they are.  They historically exhibit a low correlation to the broad market during recessionary times. However, dividends and buy-back opportunities are how companies in these industries play offense when economic times are tough. And if companies are playing offense, so are its investors. Also, very important to keep in mind, dividend payments to investors represent roughly half of the long-term total return of the broad stock market. In a very real sense, strong and consistent dividends from strong and resilient industries are great ways to play offense." When asked about periods of strong economic expansion, Nick referenced the fact that during strong economic times, companies in recession-resistant industries can benefit from secular trends in higher global growth, increasing healthcare investments, and digitization of our global economy.  Perhaps the most intriguing component of Nicks research is how he examines the technology space. Despite not being widely accepted as a recession-resistant industry, the evolution of business models in the technology industry coupled with the essentialness of the products and services they sell in today's modern economy, creates stark similarities with companies operating in traditional recession-resistant industries. Additionally, the resiliency of these businesses during downturns mitigates fundamental risks that become heightened during recessionary environments. Liberty One's flagship investment strategies have historically leveraged the key components of recession resistant industries, says Nick. "We believe active management supported by strong research and diligence can protect against owning companies that eliminate or cut their dividends, trapped in a trajectory of market share losses, exhibit weak financial characteristics, and run by less than effective management teams. Ultimately, we believe investing in recession-resistant industry companies can protect investors during more turbulent times, but also offer investors attractive opportunities to invest in companies that can grow at superior rates over an exceptionally long period of time." Examining and defining recessions, how certain industries behave during recessions, and how the defensive characteristics of companies in these industries can lead to excess returns in an investor's portfolio will certainly cause investors and investment advisors to look at recession resistant industries differently. Couple all this with the ever-changing, recession resistant characteristics of certain companies in the technology space, and one just might conclude that the greatest offense is simply having a solid defense. Press contact:  Ben Pahl, President - Related Files Defining and Investing in Recession Resistant Industries.pdf Press Release Service by Original Source: Liberty One Investment Management Releases Thought-Provoking White Paper

Petasense Launches the First 3-in-1 Industrial Sensor With Vibration, Temperature and SpeedPetasense Launches the First 3-in-1 Industrial Sensor With Vibration, Temperature and Speed
Jan 25, 2021

Petasense Launches the First 3-in-1 Industrial Sensor With Vibration, Temperature and Speed

Smart sensor detects common failures in variable speed, batch or spared assets. SAN JOSE, Calif. - January 26, 2021 - ( Petasense, a leader in IIoT sensors and asset reliability and optimization, launched the first industrial wired sensor that combines vibration, temperature and speed detection into a single sensor. The Vibration Sensor (VSx) plugs into the Petasense Transmitter (Tx) to detect common failures in variable speed, batch or spared assets. Until now, these assets have been challenging to monitor because readings are often taken under different operating conditions, resulting in missed readings or data points that are not comparable across time.  Integrated speed detection within the VSx allows users to take measurements only during the specified speed ranges or when the asset is operating. Embedded smart sensing allows the sensors to communicate with each other, providing synchronized readings across multiple sensors on the asset train. By taking simultaneous measurements, users are able to better diagnose developing problems. "The VSx is the first sensor of its kind, addressing the biggest challenge for monitoring variable speed, spared, or batch assets," commented Dan Bradley, CEO of Petasense. "Companies in almost every industry have critical assets that they have not been able to monitor effectively until now. Petasense's combination of advanced sensing, automated analytics and deep application knowledge allows our customers to realize a quick benefit of maintenance's digital transformation and eliminate unnecessary maintenance." The VSx follows the recent launch of Petasense's wireless Vibration Mote (VM3) and provides an option for applications or customers that want a wired sensor. By wiring the VSx into the Petasense Transmitter, users can take advantage of affordable battery-less wireless monitoring. Eliminating battery change-outs will help to accelerate IIoT deployments, which has been a common challenge for large-scale projects.  Data from the VSx is sent from the Transmitter securely over standard Wi-Fi to the Petasense Asset Reliability and Optimization (ARO) Cloud. ARO uses machine learning algorithms, coupled with a comprehensive library of assets and failure modes, to continuously assess asset health. Web and Mobile Apps allow users to monitor assets remotely and receive actionable insights through real-time notifications.  Petasense is a Silicon Valley-based, venture-backed, IIoT company that was founded with a vision of making industrial machines smarter. They offer plug-and-play wireless sensors and cloud-based software to see the condition of any asset, anywhere, anytime. Clients include industry leaders like Barrick, APS, C&W Services, JLL, Exelon, and Stanford. Contact: Juli Iacuaniello Email: Phone: 800.215.1485 Website: Related Links Petasense website Press Release Service by Original Source: Petasense Launches the First 3-in-1 Industrial Sensor With Vibration, Temperature and Speed

Power Manufacturing, Inc. of Elkhart, Indiana Acquired by the Lucas GroupPower Manufacturing, Inc. of Elkhart, Indiana Acquired by the Lucas Group
Jan 25, 2021

Power Manufacturing, Inc. of Elkhart, Indiana Acquired by the Lucas Group

The successful sale of Power Manufacturing, Inc., was part of M&A Firm Calder Capital's record 2020. SOUTH BEND, Ind. - January 26, 2021 - ( Calder Capital, LLC is pleased to announce the sale of Power Manufacturing, Inc. of Elkhart, Indiana, to BAV, Inc., a subsidiary of The Lucas Group. The Lucas Group is an Indiana-based holding company that now includes Power Manufacturing, Inc., as its fourth company. Power Manufacturing, Inc., was formed by Mark Roberts and Tim Ott in 2007 when they realized there was an opportunity to provide plastic parts and assembly components to the OEM motorcoach and bus market, as well as supply aftermarket products to coach line operators and public transit systems. The Company has customers in the US and Canada. The business grew quickly as a result of the Company's commitment to quality at an affordable price and its willingness to customize parts for clients. While the Company enjoyed solid growth, Tim and Mark felt it was time to turn the company over to someone who would be able to grow the company further and add increased levels of operational excellence. After engaging with Calder Capital, the Company received strong interest in the marketplace but, as was the case with most businesses, the company experienced some challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic during the 2nd quarter of 2020. The Company was able to adapt and provide COVID-related solutions to a large portion of its client base. As a result, the company is today considered a strong provider of solutions for the transit industry and will be well-positioned to serve other portions of their client base as well. "Hats off to Mark and Tim!" lauded Lead Calder Advisor Pankaj Rajadhyaksha. "I worked with Mark and Tim for almost a year during what has been an extremely challenging time for many companies. They reacted instantaneously to COVID-19 challenges, pivoted creatively, and brought the business back to an even stronger level by the time the sale was consummated. They are excellent businessmen and entrepreneurs and were truly a pleasure to work with. It's a testament to their work ethic and innovation that they were able to generate such strong results in a difficult year." Stated Mark Roberts and Tim Ott, "Calder Capital did a professional job of creating our marketing materials and we received strong interest from a number of buyers. While we worked through the challenges of COVID-19 and pivoted our business to providing our clients with solutions that helped them manage the challenges related to the pandemic, Pankaj and Calder worked with us and provided positive encouragement throughout the process. We feel we were well represented and would recommend any small to mid-size business owner that is thinking of selling, to consider Pankaj and Calder to represent them." Pankaj Rajadhyaksha served as Lead Advisor and Calder Capital, LLC served as Power Manufacturing's exclusive M&A Advisory Firm. For more information please contact Related Links Midwest Businesses for Sale M&A Buy-Side Advisory Services Press Release Service by Original Source: Power Manufacturing, Inc. of Elkhart, Indiana Acquired by the Lucas Group

SPS Decentralized Shared Exchange Platform Equity Token SPSH is in hot buyingSPS Decentralized Shared Exchange Platform Equity Token SPSH is in hot buying
Jan 25, 2021

SPS Decentralized Shared Exchange Platform Equity Token SPSH is in hot buying

SPS platform currency SPSH value and vision   As an important part of the digital currency arena, platform currency has never lacked attention. Since its inception, the platform currency has received extensive attention from the market due to its close relationship with the exchange. Especially with the evolution of the industry structure, the platform currency has not only become a direct indicator of the market’s consideration of the exchange value, but also an investor’s asset. The important target of the configuration may even become one of the potential factors influencing the user's choice of exchange. For investors, whether in a bull market or a bear market, the platform currency can be said to be the best investment target. During the bull market, the intuitive benefits brought by the platform currency are even more prominent, and the price of the currency will rise astonishing; the bear market not only has strong resistance to falling, but also as the exchange continues to develop and grow, the platform currency will naturally rise. This is why in the asset allocation of many industry leaders and investment elites, platform currencies other than BTC and ETH are indispensable. In the long run, in addition to mainstream currencies with broad consensus such as BTC and ETH, the value of other mainstream currencies depends on the development of the project itself and the development of the track where the project is located, although it is more secure than other currencies , But there are certain risks. In comparison, the platform currency mainly depends on the development of the platform, but this track is the current track with the clearest profit model in the entire digital currency field, so the overall systemic risk is relatively small, and the risk depends more on individual development Happening. Mainstream coins and platform coins have a complementary relationship. Higher-quality mainstream coins provide the platform with more high-quality investment targets, promote better development of the platform, and enhance the value of platform coins. The value of the platform currency lies in the development prospects and profitability of the platform. The platform currency is similar to the stock of a listed company. The value of the stock is usually related to the company's product share, technological exclusivity, profitability, market share, history, etc. The platform currency is the facade of the exchange, and the exchange will generally empower more ecology to the platform currency, so that the platform currency is more valuable and held by more people. SPS decentralized exchange In 2018, initiated by Ovedo Igratiyev of Russia, the Kuhn Foundation led the investment and brought together global investment banking elites. The financial industry leaders will jointly create the world's only crowdfunding by IT technology giants and blockchain giants. The centralized exchange SPS decentralized exchange is built on the self-developed SPS public chain that integrates immediacy, flexibility, and security. It can freely match at least 150 transactions per second, with lower handling fees, and Distributed storage technology is used to ensure that data will never be leaked, maximize the security of user assets, and enhance user experience. At the same time, SPS has created a great business model of everyone's participation, everyone's shareholders, and everyone's dividends. Users can get rewards for storing assets, and users can pay monthly dividends for transactions or inviting others to trade. Users vote to determine the currency on the exchange, and resolutely put an end to it. Air coin and Leek coin are listed, and there is no currency fee for listing, just to find good projects, realize and practice the core value concept of blockchain, and redistribute wealth. SPS Decentralized Shared Exchange Platform Equity Token SPSH The SPS decentralized shared exchange is based on the SPSH public chain issuance platform general token SPSH, with a constant amount of 320 million, 50% of which is 160 million for mining to attract more users for the exchange (zero pre-mining), and another 160 million It is divided into three years of market circulation (foundation 18%, technical team 15%, operation team 15%, the above 48% is 153.6 million locked up for 3 years and will be released for half a year after going online. 3% monthly release, early community subscription benefits 2% (That is, 6.4 million pieces will be released at 0.3-1% per day, and the early benefits will be released after the second phase of the rush.) It is not difficult to see that SPSH is extremely scarce from the issuance mechanism and token distribution ratio. Not only that, the exchange will also empower more ecological applications of SPSH. For example: 1. Serving as a transaction fee for transactions on the platform, there will usually be a certain discount or preferential treatment. 2. As an intermediary, conduct currency transactions with other Tokens. 3. Used to participate in platform activities, such as receiving airdrop tokens, voting before launching new tokens, priority subscription to newly launched tokens, etc. 4. On-chain fuel fees for future decentralized trading platforms (can be understood as fees paid to miners). 5. Use as a payment tool: Some merchants and service providers accept certain platform currencies as payment tools, etc. It is understood that SPSH will be snapped up in three phases. The first phase will be held from 10:00 am on January 25th to 10:00 am on January 27th, Moscow time, Russia (that is, from 3 pm on January 25th, Beijing time to the evening of January 27th) 9 o'clock) Start the first phase of rush purchase, the price is 0.5USDT, because there are only 2 million SPSHs in the first phase and each member can only rush to buy 1,000, while stocks last. The price of the second phase is expected to be 0.8USDT, and the specific time will be notified by the official. The expected opening price is 1USDT. 

InvestorNewsBreaks – Friendable Inc. (FDBL) Launches Pro Services Offering Designed to Provide Additional Artist SupportInvestorNewsBreaks – Friendable Inc. (FDBL) Launches Pro Services Offering Designed to Provide Additional Artist Support
Jan 25, 2021

InvestorNewsBreaks – Friendable Inc. (FDBL) Launches Pro Services Offering Designed to Provide Additional Artist Support

Friendable (OTC: FDBL) has unveiled the newest addition to its Fan Pass platform: Pro Services. The company is testing its Pro Services offering as a response to Fan Pass artists’ requests for additional support and services. Fan Pass has seen a record number of artist sign-ups, and FDBL is expanding its reach to support these […]

GreenCarNewsBreaks – Clean Power Capital Corp. (CSE: MOVE) (FWB: 2K6) (OTC: MOTNF) Investee Company Executes Definitive Agreement with Andretti GroupGreenCarNewsBreaks – Clean Power Capital Corp. (CSE: MOVE) (FWB: 2K6) (OTC: MOTNF) Investee Company Executes Definitive Agreement with Andretti Group
Jan 25, 2021

GreenCarNewsBreaks – Clean Power Capital Corp. (CSE: MOVE) (FWB: 2K6) (OTC: MOTNF) Investee Company Executes Definitive Agreement with Andretti Group

Clean Power Capital (CSE: MOVE) (FWB: 2K6) (OTC: MOTNF), an investment company, has announced that PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling has executed a definitive agreement with Humboldt Petroleum Inc., Peninsula Petroleum LLC and Colvin Oil I LLC (dba GP Energy); the three companies collectively are known as the Andretti Group. The agreement outlines the installation of PowerTap’s […]

VirgoCX Successfully Concludes Crypto for Charity - A Holiday Fundraiser in Support of SickKids FoundationVirgoCX Successfully Concludes Crypto for Charity - A Holiday Fundraiser in Support of SickKids Foundation
Jan 25, 2021

VirgoCX Successfully Concludes Crypto for Charity - A Holiday Fundraiser in Support of SickKids Foundation

TORONTO - January 26, 2021 - ( VirgoCX once again demonstrated its commitment to giving back to the community by supporting SickKids Foundation to exchange crypto donations into cash donations. To advance this initiative, VirgoCX organized Crypto for Charity - A Holiday Fundraiser in support of SickKids Foundation. This event started with a virtual concert on Dec. 17, 2020, followed by a seven-day charitable auction. The evening began with a speech from Han Dong, Member of Parliament, who stressed the importance of community members banding together during hard times. Followed by a speech from Adam Cai, CEO of VirgoCX, who expressed VirgoCX's commitment to supporting child health. Angie Ciardullo, Manager, Corporate Partnership, and Caroline Huang, Associate Director, from SickKids Foundation gave an educational presentation about SickKids and its fundraising campaign. The event also brought together a coalition of musicians who used their exceptional talent to support the cause.  "This fundraising event that encouraged crypto donations marks a first for SickKids. It is also a great pleasure to see such a high participation rate from renowned players within the Canadian blockchain industry. VirgoCX will continue to support SickKids to enhance its ambitious initiatives by providing a seamless crypto payment channel," said Adam Cai, CEO of VirgoCX.  The auction boasts 10 items thanks to the generosity of the sponsors. It includes 500 QCAD in kind donated by Stablecorp and Mavennet, 0.017 BTC in kind by GDA Capital, Apple AirPods in kind by MNP, NFT Art in kind by 3iQ, Romantic Dinner For 4 in kind by Osler, 0.018708 Bitcoin in kind by Ledn, Two Limited-edition Bears and A Virtual Hospital Tour in kind by SickKids Foundation, a painting "Hope" in kind by Nelly Baksht, a Gift Basket in kind by Blakes, and a PS5 donated by VirgoCX. All items have been successfully auctioned with proceeds going to support SickKids. "SickKids relies on community support and we are grateful to VirgoCX for their commitment to improving child health," says Adam Starkman, Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, SickKids Foundation. "We are a leading paediatric hospital treating patients from all over Ontario, across Canada and around the world. The support from VirgoCX in assisting us to reach donors of cryptocurrency will help ensure high-quality care for generations to come." The crypto community has once again shown solidarity and strength in supporting the communities it serves. VirgoCX is proud of its official community partners Blockgeeks, Untraceable, LaunchHub, ChainTime, Bitcoin Bay and CryptoCanucks for their support for this event. VirgoCX commits to making a positive impact in our communities. To make a crypto donation to support SickKids, please visit here. About VirgoCX: VirgoCX is the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platform in Canada, making cryptocurrencies available to Canadians everywhere. As VirgoCX is changing the way the world stores wealth, it operates diligently to provide quality services that adhere to global compliance requirements. VirgoCX is accelerating the adoption for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.  Contact:Nora Press Release Service by Original Source: VirgoCX Successfully Concludes Crypto for Charity - A Holiday Fundraiser in Support of SickKids Foundation

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