Compounding pharmacists safe time, money and enhance quality by using Hauschild SpeedMixerCompounding pharmacists safe time, money and enhance quality by using Hauschild SpeedMixer
Mar 4, 2021

Compounding pharmacists safe time, money and enhance quality by using Hauschild SpeedMixer

The significance of machines like Hauschild Speedmixer®, that help to improve and automate the process of producing homogeneous, multi-material compounds such as liquids, high-viscosity pastes and powders in a matter of minutes is increasing.Dallas, Texas Mar 5, 2021 ( - People are individuals and as more and more people suffer from intolerances, hypersensitivities, or allergies, the mixing of liquids, topical creams, transdermal gels, suppositories, or other dosage forms created to a patients' special need is a growing business area. Pharmacies with the aim of improving the consistency and quality of the medications they compound most frequently turn to a highly automated and professional laboratory mixer such as Hauschild SpeedMixer®. German Hauschild GmbH & Co KG (Hauschild) is the inventor of the Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge (DAC) principle mixing technology. The precision in the construction of every Hauschild Speedmixer® unit provides perfect equilibrium that allows for safe and very low-noise operation. With thousands of units sold over the last 40 years all over the world, this technology is proven to be trusted. Fabio Boccola, CEO of Hauschild, explains how it works: "The container where the material is placed rotates clockwise around the main axis and anticlockwise around the basket's axis. The combination of forces generated by these opposite rotations allows for very quick and homogeneous bladeless mixing." High-speed mixing, milling, and melting The advantages of this type of mixing are stunning: Mixing, milling, and melting are much faster with no more wasted time on clean up. Pharmacists mix powders, creams, topicals, suspensions, and troches in a fraction of the time they would need when compounding conventionally. Users receive perfect results in only two steps: They place their compound in the mixing container. The Hauschild SpeedMixer® features an automatic adjustment of the weight, so no counterweight setting is required. Then they set up the container in the Hauschild SpeedMixer®, close, choose their programme, and start. Reduced static causes faster capsule loading of progesterone Fabio Boccola further explains: "Even the mixture of tricky recipes like progesterone is easier than ever: Reduced static while mixing progesterone makes for much faster capsule loading. Or you make troches in one quick step with no wait time on melting base. You make a 1:1000 Aliquot in less than five minutes start to finish. The pre-programed touch screen interface enables you to set it and move on to the next task." Jennifer Burch, Central Compounding  Durham, NC, says: "My staff loves the Hauschild SpeedMixer®. Their sales team has never failed to offer exceptional and ongoing technical support.  Most importantly, it has improved the consistency and quality of the medications we compound. The Hauschild SpeedMixer® started saving me time and money right away. It is always on time for work and it does not call in sick." l00% degassing while mixing Thanks to its optimized mechanical configuration, the Hauschild SpeedMixer® enables almost l00% degassing while mixing, obtaining air-bubbles-free mixtures, and therefore sparing any additional degassing cycle. For complete deairing, machines operating under vacuum are also available. Programmable cycles ensure an identical mixture from batch to batch and the opportunity to accelerate the development process. Mixing in a closed container reduces the chemical load to a minimum. Disposable cups - no need for cleaning The Hauschild SpeedMixer® is a bladeless mixer that works with disposable cups. Depending on the mixing weight and filling volume, different cups are available. Hauschild offers jars in several colors besides transparent, white, and black, which are suitable for photosensitive material. The most used jars are made of polypropylene (PP) due to their high resistance to temperature and low chemical reactivity. Dimensions of the cups and buckets go from a few ml up to ten kilogram of nominal capacity. Custom-made adapters have been designed to allow customers to mix in a wide range of small and large containers such as polypropylenejars, syringes, cartridges, glass bottles, and customized containers. Doug Yoch, Stanley RX, Charlotte, NC says: "The Hauschild SpeedMixer® has become an integral part of our pharmacy. Not only has it dramatically reduced compounding and clean-up times, but it also produces consistent homogeneous compounds.  It's like hiring a technician that never takes a vacation!" Cooperation with TCG "The Compounders Group" The US distribution company of Hauschild is situated in Dallas/Texas. Especially for the compounding market, Hauschild SpeedMixer Inc has also joined forces with TCG "The Compounders Group" to make its unique machine even more accessible. TCG has helped independent pharmacies stay competitive in the challenging pharmacy landscape through leveraging buying power and negotiating discounts with preferred vendors for almost a decade. Hauschild SpeedMixer Inc is listed as a preferred vendor of TCG and as such members of TCG can obtain the Hauschild SpeedMixer® at a special rate. Also financing options via a third-party offer is available. Further information:  Media ContactHauschild SpeedMixerpressoffice@hauschild-speedmixer.com Source :Hauschild SpeedMixer Inc.- US distribution company of Hauschild GmbH & Co KG This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Tax Liens Income For Beginners, INTRO TO MAKING MONEY WITH TAX LIENS, LaunchedTax Liens Income For Beginners, INTRO TO MAKING MONEY WITH TAX LIENS, Launched
Mar 4, 2021

Tax Liens Income For Beginners, INTRO TO MAKING MONEY WITH TAX LIENS, Launched

A company that provides training for investors has launched a new eBook. Tax Lien & Deed Virtual Assistant aims to help readers implement strategies to boost their financial security. Offers Ipe Wood Deck Tile Giveaway Worth $1, Offers Ipe Wood Deck Tile Giveaway Worth $1,200
Mar 4, 2021 Offers Ipe Wood Deck Tile Giveaway Worth $1,200

SARASOTA, Fla., March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- announces a giveaway worth $1,200 of their modular Ipe wood deck tiles and accessories. The giveaway includes enough Ipe wood deck tiles and accessories to build a 100 sq.ft. outdoor oasis. People can register to win on the company's website at The giveaway will end on April 30th, 2021 at 11:59 PM eastern time. The winner will be announced the first week in May on the company's website and social media. Continue Reading Celebrates 10 Years of Manufacturing and Selling Ipe Wood Deck Tiles With a $1,200 Deck Tile Giveaway. Ipe wood deck tiles are very versatile and can be used to easily renovate and old concrete patio, balcony deck, rooftop decks and more. The company decided to offer the deck tile giveaway to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of manufacturing and selling hardwood deck tiles. "10 years ago these deck tiles were a new product for us but they showed promise due to the proven performance of Ipe wood as well as the versatility of the deck tiles. They work excellent for quickly covering old concrete patios, balcony decks, building rooftop decks and more," stated Jon Fletcher, the company's national sales manager. As the leading American manufacturer of Ipe wood decking and Ipe deck tiles, is the only US hardwood decking company with four warehouses throughout the US. These warehouses are stocked with millions of board feet of exotic exterior hardwoods like Ipe (Brazilian Walnut), Cumaru (Brazilian Teak), and Tigerwood which enables the company to offer free shipping, the best selection/quality and fast turnaround times.The company has been manufacturing and selling Ipe wood for nearly 30 years. "It's the best decking material we have found in nearly 30 years, with a density and strength about twice that of Teak," stated Fletcher. "Ipe wood has been used on many commercial projects, such as the Coney Island Boardwalk and the Brooklyn Bridge. Producing deck tiles from Ipe wood gives our customers the proven performance from one of the best exterior woods in an easy snap together application that can be quickly installed over an old concrete patio, balcony or rooftop deck." Learn more about Advantage Deck Tiles here: is the leading supplier of sustainable hardwood decking, flooring, live-edge slabs, and lumber and was one of the first to sell hardwood lumber products online. ships both small and large orders, as well as full containers directly to job sites throughout the world. Advantage has more than 680,000 square feet of company-owned manufacturing space, with facilities in Buffalo, NY; Grover, NC; Santa Fe Springs, CA; Sarasota, FL; and Belem, Brazil. Advantage Lumber also runs one of the world's largest urban log recycling programs at its Florida sawmill. The company continues to implement aggressive expansion plans, and has reported double-digit growth every year since its inception.Media Contact:Dan SOURCE

A Solution to City, County and State Budgets - Learn How Non-Violent Offenders Can Stay Out of the System by Helping Special Needs Kids Through Community ServiceA Solution to City, County and State Budgets - Learn How Non-Violent Offenders Can Stay Out of the System by Helping Special Needs Kids Through Community Service
Mar 4, 2021

A Solution to City, County and State Budgets - Learn How Non-Violent Offenders Can Stay Out of the System by Helping Special Needs Kids Through Community Service

MABLETON, Ga., March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The onslaught of the 2020 pandemic has hit many city, county, and state budgets across the country and has created a hole so deep that many systems struggle to find a way not only to meet all the brand new, unprecedented challenges, but also to continue to manage and provide support to established programs, organizations, and vulnerable populations. For Judges and other key decision-makers in the judicial system, the focus has been on how to budget already stretched funds needed to manage the burgeoning prison population. For parents, caregivers, and professionals caring for sick or special needs children, the focus has been on how to continue to provide these children with the opportunity to attend and experience life-enhancing therapy camps. For these two groups of individuals with distinctly-different challenges – nonviolent offenders and children with disabilities, a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization has devised a straightforward solution to help both groups while saving city and county budgets millions of dollars. Continue Reading Best of 2020 Award What's the Solution?Simple- Reachout America, a National Foundation that enables physically challenged children across America the opportunity to attend, experience, and participate in therapeutic camps, has developed a unique way of keeping nonviolent offenders out of jail, saving judicial systems hundreds of thousands of dollars, and helping therapy camps continue to provide world-class, exceptional services to children with special needs: sentence nonviolent offenders to community service hours and help therapy camps. Please be advised that contact between the kids and the offender is not an option. The Cost of Sending Nonviolent Offenders to JailThe average daily cost to incarcerate a nonviolent offender is approximately one hundred dollars (providing they do not need special medical attention and/or, in many cases, have a pending lawsuit). The standard settlement or claim is roughly $40,000 per incident. The true cost of imprisoning nonviolent offenders in brick-and-mortar jail cells, however, reaches far beyond the astronomical financial cost of housing, feeding, and medically caring for them on a daily basis. The impact extends out to the community, to the families of the nonviolent offenders, and to the mindset and future outlook of the offenders. Whether they're sentenced to a few days, weeks, or months, nonviolent offenders in jail typically lose their jobs while serving time behind bars. Further, unnecessary incarceration displaces families and puts undue stress and worry on the children, partners, and other relatives as they try to continue to support their family and maintain their apartments or homes while the main breadwinner sits in jail. Today, the USA workforce desperately needs more essential workers; by locking nonviolent offenders behind bars, they are missing opportunities to contribute to their communities as essential employees in the workforce. The Savings IncurredSentencing a nonviolent offender to community service in lieu of jail time would provide huge savings to a community's judicial system without any additional cost to implement the program. By embracing the use of community service hours to keep ten individuals out of jail per day in a small municipality, for example, that community's economy would save over $400,000+ in expenses and lawsuits. A larger municipality that could prevent one hundred individuals from going to jail would conserve at least $4 million (not including lawsuits that could potentially add up to a couple more million).The Challenge of "Community Service" SentencesOne challenge concerning community service opportunities is the minimal number of organizations and facilities across America that are already set up, positioned, and available for nonviolent offenders to complete their required hours of community service. Enter Reachout America. As an established national foundation headquartered in Georgia, Reachout America has helped children connect with unique and fun therapy camps across the country for decades – all of which are camps fully ready to provide community service hours to nonviolent offenders sent through the court system. Through Reachout America, individuals needing community service hours are able to choose a local therapy camp to support that would obtain funding from their hours completed; camps across America that have community service platforms in place range from horse riding camps that offer Hippotherapy to space camps for children who dream of flying to the moon. While many nonviolent offenders who have received probation hours from a Judge have elected to complete their service hours through Reachout America, the immediate availability of these therapy camps to provide community service hours far outweighs the number of individuals that are currently aware of the camps. Reachout America is working to expand that awareness.Life-Changing BenefitsThe focus of Reachout America is twofold - to raise awareness of children with special needs and to provide those children with the opportunity to experience therapeutic camps. The benefits reaped by those involved with this Foundation are life-changing and far-reaching. For the children, their parents, the caregivers, and the volunteers alike, everyone who has ever been connected to one or more of the therapy camps feels forever profoundly changed and grateful. Whichever option, platform, or fundraising campaign the nonviolent offender chooses to orchestrate on behalf of a therapy camp (and to complete his/her community service hours), the individuals completing their community service hours through these camps have the benefit of knowing their efforts contribute to children with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, Congenital Heart Disease (or any one of other countless other ailments) being able to attend a therapy camp. Many testimonials from nonviolent offenders share how serving their community hours for the benefit of a therapy camp profoundly inspired them to reflect on their past choices, count their current blessings, and set goals to become the best versions of themselves while continuing to be of service to others. It's hard to imagine that nonviolent offenders sitting in jail cells for months would have those same testimonials on the day they are released back into the community.Connecting with Reachout AmericaIn this unprecedented, uncertain time for cities, states, the nation, and the world, Reachout America has provided a simple solution to help countless individuals, families, and systems in need. Reachout America is on a mission to let judicial systems across America know that there are therapy camps for children with disabilities ready to accept and help their nonviolent offenders complete their community service hours. For judicial systems that desire to balance their budgets, inspire nonviolent offenders to reposition their focus on the needs of others, and help children with special needs throughout their community, Reachout America has provided a way.You can make a difference! Reach out to us at [email protected] or call toll free: (877)238-8544. InformationReachout AmericaBill Chafin770-633-8544SOURCE Reachout America Related Links

The FairTax Act of 2021 Filed in the 117th CongressThe FairTax Act of 2021 Filed in the 117th Congress
Mar 4, 2021

The FairTax Act of 2021 Filed in the 117th Congress

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The FairTax Act of 2021, HR 25 was filed in the 117th Congress by Representative Earl L. "Buddy" Carter (GA-1) and referred to the House Ways & Means Committee.   According to Buddy, "America needs the FairTax. This became immediately evident to me when I opened my first pharmacy years ago, and that is why my first ever official act in Congress was to cosponsor the FairTax. The cost of complying with our burdensome and convoluted tax code is one of the biggest challenges for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and with each election cycle we constantly debate over who is paying their fair share of taxes. The FairTax provides a simple and elegant solution to both of these issues. No other tax plan is as simple or gives everyday Americans the ultimate freedom over their hard-earned dollars, all while encouraging growth in the American economy. Simply put, America was founded on freedom and opportunity, and the FairTax brings those foundational values to our tax code. I am proud to now lead the effort for a simpler, more transparent tax code that applies to all equally, especially as we hear more and more of discussions to increase the American tax burdens."        Steve Hayes, President of Americans for FAIR Taxation states, "The FAIRtax bill HR 25 would be the greatest transfer of power from the government back to the people ever. It would do more to stimulate the American economy and create American jobs than any other piece of legislation in history. It would truly make taxes fair again." Link to YouTube video of What is the FAIRtax Learn more, view the videos, contribute and join the all-volunteer organization at Florida Fair Tax Educational Association is a 501(c) (3) to inform and educate the citizens on alternatives to the current system of federal taxation based on the following principles: fairness, simplicity, transparency, pro-economic growth and revenue neutrality. Florida Fair Tax Educational AssociationPO Box 23346Jacksonville, FL  32241 FAIRtax video at Paid for by Florida Fair Tax Educational Association Contacts Americans for Fair TaxationSteve Hayes, President, and Randy Fischer, Marketing, 800-FAIRTAX

Helix Wireless Connects Genesee & Wyoming Differently with their Smart SIM TechnologyHelix Wireless Connects Genesee & Wyoming Differently with their Smart SIM Technology
Mar 4, 2021

Helix Wireless Connects Genesee & Wyoming Differently with their Smart SIM Technology

KEARNY, N.J., March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Helix Wireless, Inc. is happy to announce their agreement with Genesee & Wyoming, Inc. to deploy Smart SIM technology for connecting their global front line employees. The Helix Wireless total solution allows for G&W rail inspectors to report field conditions in real time to short haul train operators. Through this agreement Genesee & Wyoming, Inc. will continue to transport products globally while reducing delays and increasing efficiency. With Helix's Smart SIM technology, devices, and configuration, G&W will gain global, seamless, and secure connectivity while reducing costs and centralizing billing. "Helix made the deployment of this solution globally a reality. We were pleased with Helix's level of support as well as their ability to simplify this deployment," said Anthony Pacetti, Genesee & Wyoming, Inc., Director of Transportation Technology. "We believe that partnerships only work when it's win/win, and through our partners we were able to complete the deployment of our comprehensive solutions. G&W was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to what the future holds for this partnership," said Francis Gallic, Helix Wireless, Inc. COO. About Helix Wireless, Inc.:Helix Wireless, Inc. is a telecommunications company located at 78 John Miller Way, Kearny, New Jersey. They focus on providing efficient solutions to consumers and businesses with a focus on IoT. With over 40 years of combined experience in driving sales, satisfaction, and success for consumers and Fortune 50 Organizations, Helix provides top level insight and capabilities that enable their clients to reach their About Genesee & Wyoming, Inc.: G&W owns or leases 119 freight railroads organized in locally managed operating regions with 8,000 employees serving 3,000 customers. G&W subsidiaries and joint ventures also provide rail service at more than 40 major ports, rail-ferry service between the U.S. Southeast and Mexico, transload services, contract coal loading, and industrial railcar switching and repair. For more information, please visit or LinkedIn. CONTACT INFORMATION:Helix Wireless Celina Condo(855) 945

CRN Names Xperteks® To Its 2021 MSP 500 ListCRN Names Xperteks® To Its 2021 MSP 500 List
Mar 4, 2021

CRN Names Xperteks® To Its 2021 MSP 500 List

NEW YORK, March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Xperteks®, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Xperteks® Computer Consultancy, its 2021 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Pioneer 250 category. The list, released annually, recognizes the leading North American solution providers that have demonstrated innovative and forward-thinking approaches to managed services. These services help end users improve operational efficiencies and navigate the ongoing complexities of IT solutions, while maximizing their return on IT investments. Continue Reading CRN With cutting-edge approaches to delivering managed services, MSPs have become an integral part of the success of businesses worldwide. They help empower organizations to leverage complex technologies, keeping a strict focus on their core business without straining their budgets. CRN's 2021 MSP 500 list identifies the market's key managed services players who are setting themselves apart with best-of-breed solutions that provide the business outcomes customers need. Xperteks® has been a pioneer of the MSP industry for over 20 years and clients trust Xperteks® to solve all their business technology-related problems. The clients know that they can focus on their core business activities while Xperteks® manages their IT needs and services. "Effective MSPs enable companies to focus on their core objectives while improving the quality and reliability of their cloud computing capabilities," said Blaine Raddon, CEO of The Channel Company. "The solution providers on CRN's 2021 MSP 500 list deserve recognition for their innovative and forward-thinking approaches to managed services, and the ability to optimize operational efficiencies and systems to maximize return on investments.""We pride ourselves on having a continuous eye on technology innovations that benefits our clients," said Marcial Velez, CEO of Xperteks.  "Together with our vast network of technology partners, we provide the stage where we elevate the levels of the client experience so businesses can achieve the results they seek to remain competitive. "The MSP 500 list will be featured in the February 2021 issue of CRN and online at About Xperteks®Xperteks Computer Consultancy, Inc. is a Master Technology Services Provider founded in 2001. We specialize in managed IT, network, cloud, windows virtual desktops and cybersecurity management solutions, including server management, technology procurement, and system integration. Xperteks is the ultimate source for any business to access teams of technology experts who will secure, implement, and manage the right technology to increase profitability and gain a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.Follow Xperteks®: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.Contact:Xperteks® Computer Consultancy, Inc.Website: https://www.xperteks.comEmail:

LegalMatch California Successfully Assists Client Referrals from The State Bar of CaliforniaLegalMatch California Successfully Assists Client Referrals from The State Bar of California
Mar 4, 2021

LegalMatch California Successfully Assists Client Referrals from The State Bar of California

SAN FRANCISCO, March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- LegalMatch California is pleased to report a steady stream of client referrals provided directly from the State Bar of California. According to Google Analytics statistics, the website has been sending over 100 legal cases a month to the platform. LegalMatch California is listed on the State Bar of California's website as an accredited Lawyer Referral Service in all 58 California counties: Both LegalMatch California and the State Bar of California strive to improve access to justice by connecting California residents in need of legal services with qualified attorneys. Since went online in September 2020, thousands of cases have been posted directly to the website. California consumers can enter in information about their potential case and receive prompt matches with attorneys who are ready and eager to provide help for their legal issue. Engagement rates, the percentage of clients that attorneys' mark as having hired them, have been exceptionally high on referrals from the State Bar of California. LegalMatch California client Nita P. says, "This was fast and easy which is just what I needed." LegalMatch California is officially certified as California State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Service #0140. Its aim is to provide Californians with affordable and accessible legal services. This is especially important during pandemic conditions, where it can be difficult to locate a local lawyer. LegalMatch California accomplishes this by matching people online to one or more qualified, pre-screened, licensed, and insured attorneys without charging a referral fee. All LegalMatch California attorneys are screened for appropriate legal experience in their respective practice areas and are in good standing with the State Bar of California. "We are very excited to be working with the State Bar to improve access to justice for all Californians," says Anna Ostrovsky, LegalMatch California's co-founder and COO.  About UsLegalMatch California is a CA State Bar certified Lawyer Referral Service #0140 dedicated to improving the quality and affordability of legal services in all California counties. LegalMatch California is an innovative forum for lawyers and legal clients to meet. California attorneys interested in joining LegalMatch California must meet membership qualifications and carry malpractice insurance. LegalMatch California, like its parent organization, remains free to consumers. Contact:Ken LaMance(415) SOURCE LegalMatch

First Annual Safety in Spine Surgery Month AnnouncedFirst Annual Safety in Spine Surgery Month Announced
Mar 4, 2021

First Annual Safety in Spine Surgery Month Announced

WHEATON, Ill., March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Safety in Spine Surgery Project (S3P) has announced that the First Annual Safety in Spine Surgery month will take place in April of 2021. The goal of this project is to improve safety in spine surgery by sharing guidelines, techniques, and protocols that make care better, and to share lessons learned from participants who have developed specific, successful safety protocols. This event will feature two live webinars, an industry-wide social media campaign throughout April, and awards for Best New Methodologies and Techniques to Enhance Safety in Spine Surgery. Continue Reading Safety Month Banner Under the leadership of Michael G. Vitale, MD, MPH and co-chairmen John Flynn, MD; Roger Härtl, MD; Larry Lenke, MD; Rajiv Sethi, MD, S3P is partnering with surgeons, allied health care providers, organizations, hospitals, and medical device companies in this effort. It is the belief of the program directors that all major healthcare stakeholders are obligated to invest their expertise and funds to enhance patient safety. Thus far, the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America, the Scoliosis Research Society, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Pediatric Spine Study Group, the Harms Study Group, the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Medtronic, Stryker, and Zimmer Biomet have signed on to participate as partners in this effort. Registration is open for two live webinars, taking place April 15 and April 29. The first will focus on predictive analytics, enabling technology, and innovative techniques to make the OR safer. The second will highlight checklists, guidelines, and tricks to avoid complications and improve neurological safety. Awards for best papers and projects will be presented to submissions in February.Throughout April, S3P will share resources from faculty and partners via social media, website posts, and email newsletters. Individuals are invited to participate by posting their own successes and difficulties using the hashtags #safetyinspinesurgery and #s3p.About the Safety in Spine Surgery Project began in February of 2016 when the inaugural Safety in Spine Surgery Summit was held in NYC to a sold-out audience of health care providers and industry partners. Its mission is to identify ways to enhance the safety and sustainability of spine surgery and work with stakeholders in spine surgery, including but not limited to patients, providers, payers, and purchasers, to prevent harm.Media Contact:Kate LaneyS3P – The Safety in Spine Surgery Projectc/o BroadWaterT:

King & Corbin Associates Offers Cash Lifeline to Homeowners Facing Looming Foreclosure Crisis Due to Expiring Government MoratoriumsKing & Corbin Associates Offers Cash Lifeline to Homeowners Facing Looming Foreclosure Crisis Due to Expiring Government Moratoriums
Mar 4, 2021

King & Corbin Associates Offers Cash Lifeline to Homeowners Facing Looming Foreclosure Crisis Due to Expiring Government Moratoriums

SAN DIEGO, March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- King & Corbin Associates, L.P (King & Corbin) announced the launch of their exclusive three-steps-to-quick-cash program for home owners in pre-foreclosure and full foreclosure status. Using this proven system, King & Corbin lets homeowners walk away from foreclosure with cash in hand, saving their credit from irreparable damage. King & Corbin have already earmarked more than $50 million to help struggling homeowners recapture some of their equity, and can even help those facing an upcoming foreclosure at auction, or those who have received a Notice of Default. With government pandemic moratoriums set to expire soon, King & Corbin is currently offering homeowners a free 30-minute consultation to discuss options.  This provides homeowners an alternate from being forced to accept Zillow's low ball purchase offers, which is designed to take unwitting homeowners hard earned equity because Zillow has removed the Realtors from the equation.  Realtors are sworn to a code of ethics to protect the fiduciary relationship. "We pray that families facing foreclosure do not wait until after the moratorium expires to do something," said Kimm C. King Jr., Co-Founder of King & Corbin. "The time to cash out of your home is now. The moratorium doesn't stop foreclosure from happening, it just delayed the process. Foreclosure is still coming – it's just a matter of when." Bartley Corbin, Co-Founder of King & Corbin added by saying, "Our ultimate goal is to help homeowners before that happens, so they can have most of their equity to start over fresh, without a foreclosure on their record. And we also have other credit acceleration programs that can assist homeowners trying to rebuild their credit and lives now, not 7 years into the future."  King & Corbin: How to Sell Your Home Before the Bank Does  King & Corbin understands that homeowners are in financial distress during a foreclosure and speed is critical. Letting homeowners walk away with cash and their dignity, rather than damaged credit, is the goal. This begins with an effective three-step process:   Step One: Clients complete an easy online form, giving a few basic details about the property in question, before creating an online account.   Step Two: A cash offer specialist contacts the client within 24 hours to discuss an offer for the property.   Step Three: Once an offer has been accepted, clients sign the purchase agreement and then receive payment – in less than 10 days in most cases.   Foreclosure situations do not have to end in a complete loss of equity. Homeowners can begin the process of rebuilding their lives immediately.   King & Corbin: Money Reclaimed from Foreclosure Sales  Final foreclosure sales that result in excess proceeds do not immediately go to the lender. The lender is only entitled to an amount sufficient enough to pay off the outstanding balance of the home, plus any costs associated with the foreclosure and sale. After paying those costs and any liens on the property, the property owner is entitled to the rest of the proceeds. But often homeowners are unaware of this fact – or the proceeds are locked up in procedural processes for a prolonged period. King & Corbin can help homeowners in these advanced foreclosure situations as well.   King & Corbin: Waking from a Foreclosure Nightmare  When properties are drowning in debt with absolutely no end in sight, some borrowers choose to stop making payments altogether because the house has become a bad investment – even if they can still afford to make those payments. These "voluntary foreclosures" are strategic defaults that seem like a good idea at the time, because the financial math indicates that a foreclosure is better than paying endless house payments. Unfortunately, though, voluntary foreclosure is still just that: a foreclosure.  These types of strategic defaults have extremely negative consequences, many of which are unforeseen by most home owners, including deficiency judgements. These legally binding judgments in favor of the bank can force homeowners to pay the value-deficit on a foreclosed home anyway – often due immediately. Other consequences include a major credit score reduction, making future loan qualification a near impossibility. And with damaged credit, even trying to rent a house or an apartment can become more difficult due to damaged credit history, since most landlords check renters' credit backgrounds before they sign a lease.   Similar to the Reddit movement, we are helping main street homeowners protect their hard-earned real estate equity from the largest predatory wall street wealth grab in history. Learn more about how to avoid foreclosure and save equity and damage to credit scores by subscribing to the King & Corbin newsletter. Or follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.   About King & Corbin Associates, L.P.  Founded by Kimm C. King Jr. and Bartley Corbin, King & Corbin is a property investment firm that helps homeowners get the cash they deserve out of homes that have entered into pre-foreclosure or foreclosure status. King & Corbin can also help homeowners who have already lost their homes to foreclosure, allowing them to receive any excess proceeds from the equity of homes that have been forced into an auction sale. We help clients receive cash instead of a foreclosure. Learn more at:   Media Contact:   Kimm King, Principal 562.449.3664

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