Cryptoxygen tokens going live on SistemKoin!

Apr 23, 2019

London, 24th of April 2019 – by Mark Philipps -- Cryptoxygen, the 2019 startup integrating crypto and wallet into an iconic electronic brand Thomson Computing from France and its OXY2 tokens had chosen to push its tokens live through a globally acknowledged platform SistemKoin.

Commencement from 23rd of April 2019, Sistemkoin offers to public OXY2 tokens at the cost of 0,18 USD per unit with unlimited amounts.

 Irina Duisimbekova @SistemKoin Launch – Reuters

“Actually, we decided to launch our product on Sistemkoin based on our benchmark and market user assessment aligned with Sistemkoin presence and facilities” expressed Irina Duisimbekova  - “and we highly benefited from their experience and ease of doing to process the listing

SistemKoin, a multi-trade decentralized stage boosted its tasks in Turkey with the posting of a numerous crypto currencies and IEO.

The organization has today more than 300k enrolled clients with affirmed and ensured every day clients of 7k-8k and in excess of 100 million USD day by day exchange volume.


His Director, Mr. Tolgahan Colpan devoted his stage to the dispatch of exceptional ventures with the expect to support the perceivability and nearness through its substantial corporate and institutional purchasers.

"Cryptoxygen is one of the promising undertaking with their expert and educational colleagues, I earnestly trust that this collaboration will prompt accomplish ventures objectives and serve its financial specialists as long as possible" - says Mr. Tolgahan Colpan about Cryptoxygen tokens, "the Cryptoxygen’s pre-datas pitch we gave to our customers featured the attractivity of this relationship with a verifiable French brand, for example, Thomson Computing where the tokens would be shown all around the globe through the offers of scratch pad".

"Cryptoxygen expects to be registered on a few stages and other platforms inside a half year" included Alexandre Katrangi, one of the partner @Cryptoxygen, "and we have consistent Board meeting with Stephan Francais, our partner who's taking care of Thomson Computing to boost the official nearness of OXY2 tokens on all Thomson Computing items on the first June 2019 around the world"

Thomson Computing which jingle has dependably been #technologyforall commits itself to go into the blockchain with #cryptomoneyforall as a component of its drive to give access to innovation wherever to everyone.

Stephan Francais its proprietor and President had been granted the title of " Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2018 and nicknamed "the Gallic Steve Jobs" by the global medias in reference to its vision to give the world with simple quick access reasonable innovations… .

More to follow in 2019 with Cryptoxygen and their one of a kind idea… …

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To access to Cryptoxygen IEO, visit :


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